The Story of Suzie & Robert

She looks at the time. Her watch shows 9:13 p.m. He should be coming any minute now, she mutters. Suzie is anxious. She paces up and down the hallway, taking occasional glances out of the window and at the bustling street for almost 30 minutes now. 

At exactly 9:15 p.m., a familiar silhouette appears among the crowded street. Suzie’s eyes catch a glimpse of the face of a man her heart longs for. “Robert,” sighs Suzie when the tall, sturdy man turns and looks at her direction. He quickly turns away as soon as he did so, almost as if he is shy. Suzie couldn’t help but smile. She looks at her watch, “I have only 5 minutes to tell him how I feel before he disappears again.” She looks at Robert longingly, a perfect painting of a gentleman with a book in his hand and large suitcase in another. He will be boarding the bus soon. 

She swiftly turns her heels and gets her purse from her room at an inn she works at, taking a quick glance at the mirror to make sure she looks stunning for her Robert. Her heart tells her that this is the man she is looking for, that this is the man she loves. 

She glances out of the window once more. She sees her Robert sneaking a peek at her direction. 

She has decided. 


The clock chimes. Robert looks at his watch. “9:00 p.m. already. Time sure flies!” 

He finishes off his remaining work and packs for home. Robert’s tummy rumbling with hunger, famished. His mind, however, is somewhere else. The picture of a perfect beauty filled his mind. He yearns to see again the beautiful creature that stands by the window every time he waits at the bus stop. To Robert, the lady in the seductively red cheongsam 

is the epitome of oriental beauty – elegant, poise with a set of charming eyes that exudes so much confidence. His heart began to race as images of her flashes through his mind. 

Not wanting to waste another minute longer, Robert quickly packs his things and steps out of his office to make his way to the bus stop. His pace quickens in rhythm to his quickened heart beats. 

Robert’s watch registered at 9:08 p.m. when he glances at it. He truly hopes he is not too late. “What if she is not there today?” he wonders. 

He glances at his watch another time. 9:13 p.m. His heart longs to see the painting of this oriental beauty. His oriental beauty. He takes a turn around the corner, the final leg of his walk before he reaches the bus stop. 

And there she stood, in all her elegant beauty looking out the window. Time seems to stop for Robert. 

He takes in a deep breath and begins to walk nonchalantly towards the bus stop. He takes quick peeks at the lady with the long silky hair, by the window. Robert yearns to talk to her, hold her and tell her that their time together is now. On the other hand, he is tied with society’s notion that having a partner of a different race is a taboo. Robert’s heart is in a dilemma. 

He takes another peek and sees that she was looking at him, with a smile. He quickly turns away. He felt his face is begins to burn. His heart races even faster. 

9:14 p.m. The seconds continue to tick by. Robert has only 5 minutes if he wants to have a chance with her. He takes one more glance at the window, but she is gone. His heart sank. He looks at the faded façade of the inn she is in. At the door, she appears. She seems to be in a hurry, walking towards his direction. 

This time, Robert musters his courage. Turns toward the lady in the red cheongsam and starts walking towards her. He has decided. 


9:18 p.m. They stand face to face – the oriental beauty and the dashing white gentleman – in the middle of a bustling street under the star-filled sky. Their hearts racing. Time seems to stand still. 

“My name is Robert, what is yours?” 



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